Men's Safety Razors

Want to get more out of your hair shaving and grooming routines? Men's safety razors come in a variety of styles that allow men to get a close and comfortable shave in a classic way. Shaving with safety razors is an art form that more men are turning toward to get the shave that they are missing with some other types of razors.

Prevent Razor Burn

Feeling the burn is something to strive for during a workout, but it is not a good thing when it comes to shaving. Using a sharp razor is important for helping to prevent razor burn, as is using clean men's double-edge razor blades. Razors with multiple blades are prone to clogging, which can lead to an accumulation of bacteria between the blades. Dull blades irritate the skin and can give bacteria an entry point if men do not change their razor blades frequently. Men who are new to wet shaving may want to consider some of the various design options to find a style that meets their needs.

One-Piece Safety Razors

The one-piece safety razor has a design that allows the user to simply twist and open the head to access and change the blade. Many men's razors that use this design come with a knob on the handle bottom that users twist to open the headpiece. Some others have handles that twist to access the blade. Both one-piece designs are easy to use and may make a good choice for men who are new to handling safety razors.

Two-Piece Safety Razors

Some safety razors have a two-piece design that is also relatively simple to operate. To access the blade of a two-piece safety razor, users need to unscrew the headpiece off of the handle when changing out blades. Inside the headpiece is a bar that runs along the inside of the handle and attaches to the bottom of the handle with a knob that holds a screw. Users twist the knob to insert the cutting headpiece onto the handle. Many men enjoy this design because they do not need to have direct contact with the blade.

Three-Piece Safety Razors

The three-piece safety razor design is much like that of the two-piece safety razor with the chief difference being that users may also remove the headpiece from the handle as well. The three main parts of this cutting razor include the top portion of the cutting head, the bottom portion of the cutting head, and the handle. This style of razor does require that users handle the blades more frequently; however, it is also one of the styles that is very easy to clean as well.