While men are typically not famed to have an extensive shoe collection, a good pair of sandals or flip flops is certainly a must. With summer always seemingly around the corner, having some open toed shoes to allow your feet to breathe is a vital component of the wardrobe. Now the options available have grown extensively, with you being able to choose from the humble, simple flip flop (plunger, thong, or jandal), to orthopedically preferred Birkenstocks and other brands. Crocs are another popular brand for summer time, as they can get wet and many people consider them extremely comfortable.

Orthopaedic Sandals

Orthopedic shoes are one of the first lines of defence to keep your feet, legs, and back healthy and strong. They provide cushioning for the entire foot along with support that it needs to remain in the correct position. This allows you to walk around with proper foot alignment and therefore minimising pain, stopping back problems from developing, and slowing the progression of existing ailments. Birkenstocks have created an extensive range of shoes designed to provide your foot with ample support, and now have the added benefit of having come into fashion. You can choose from several styles and keep your feet healthy and comfortable.

Sandals for sport

If you are looking for open toed shoes which you can perform sport, or stay relatively agile and mobile, then you should consider the slip resistant ranges from Scholl or Keen. These sandals include a strap in the back, come in a variety of colours and materials, yet are all designed to stay on during wading through water, walking through forests, staying active, hiking, and adventuring. They provide string to keep the sandals tight on your feet and keep them in place no matter what activity you are partaking in.