Stylish and Functional Men's Scarves

Scarves provide a great way to wrap up against the elements. From smaller wraps to keep you snug when paired with a winter coat to full neck and face protection from extreme conditions, you'll find the perfect mix to suit your needs. Men's scarves come in a variety of materials including cotton, cashmere, wool, and fleece plus a range of high street and designer brands to suit all budgets.

Versatile winter accessory

Traditional scarves cover the exposed neck area during the colder months, but there are several other uses for this handy accessory. In extreme conditions, scarves provide protection against wind and rain so your head and face stay warm and dry, plus they can actually be used to shield your skin from the sun as an alternative to a hat. There is also a range of balaclava style scarves which can be used as a snood, beanie, and scarf, and they are available in a wide selection of colours.

Fashion scarves

A scarf is a must-have fashion accessory and can be paired with a variety of looks. Popular styles include stripe, check and lightweight shawl items which are often worn with short sleeved tops. Smaller bandana scarves are also still a much-loved way to cover the head from the sun's harmful rays. For ultimate winter fashion, choose from the wide selection of wool scarves to match with other chunky knit accessories such as gloves and knitted hats. If you're looking for a luxury fabric against the skin, take a look at the variety of cashmere and designer scarves for an on-trend look.

Sports accessories

Men's scarves and bandanas also provide ample protection for many sports including motorsports and winter activities. This added protection sits close to the face and prevents the cold, dirt, and dust from impairing breathing for uninterrupted performance.