Men’s Shield Sunglasses

Shield sunglasses are a favourite for many men. They offer eye protection with a wide view. Not only are they super stylish, they are also excellent for sporting or just lounging around by the pool. When you are choosing a pair of shield sunglasses think about what you will be doing when you wear them. You will want a well adjusted pair that sit on your face comfortably and allow you to almost forget that they are there.


Oakley is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality shield sunglasses for any activity. Oakley sunglasses offer a wide array of styles and features to best guard your eyes. Dragon is another quality brand. Consider Arnette for youth, Versace and Carrera as well. Whatever brand you choose, anyway you look at it, the perfect pair of men’s shield sunglasses is out there.


Men’s plastic frame shield sunglasses are the most typical, but there is something for every type of man, including metal. There are even men’s metal and plastic frame shield sunglasses varieties. Some shield sunglasses are rimless. The the top rail of the frame supports them, leaving the sides and bottom with no frame surrounding it. Lenses come in a variety of colours and styles too, so you can coordinate more than just your frames with your outfit.


Look for polarized lenses to reduce the glare from reflective surfaces, like water. Polarized lenses are excellent in the snow and on the water. Gold and metallic mirror lenses add a little extra flare to your sunglasses, making them as handsome as they are functional. Consider UVA and UVB resistant lenses for extended wear.

Other Styles

When you’re looking for a pair of men’s sunglasses, keep in mind the shape of your face. A pair of aviators may be a better look for you. Perhaps a circular or more square frame best fits your face shape. Vintage style frames add a different flavor to your outfit or style.