Men's Ski & Snowboard Boots

Ski Boots

Skiing has been a winter sport beloved by many people for centuries. But having the appropriate gear for your particular skiing needs is of the utmost importance—both for your safety and for your enjoyment. Ski boots are not only one of the most important pieces of equipment, but also can be tricky to purchase. Knowing the flex of the boot, the appropriate size, and the desired features can set you on your way to finding the perfect

Ski Boots by Flex

The flex of your ski boots refers to the level of flexibility that the boot has. A lower flex number means that the boot is more flexible, which is typically more desirable for beginner-level skiers. Ski boots for women have low flex numbers are around 50-60, while mens are between 60-80. Intermediate level skiers often prefer a mid-level flex number, which will be between 65-80 for women and mens will be 85-100. Finally, advanced skiers will want a flex rating of 80 and higher for women and 110 and higher for men who are advanced.

Ski Boots by Size

The size of your boots will play a huge role in how they feel out on the slopes. The first thing you will want to consider with sizing is that you are getting boots created for your particular gender, usually split into men and women, as the sizing varies between the two. Boot sizing is different from regular shoe sizing, so using a sizing chart can be helpful as well. Your boots will feel snug, sometimes more so debating on your flex rating, but should not feel like they are suffocating your feet.

Ski Boot Features

Ski boots can also have a number of fun and useful features that will make for an even better snowy experience. Some have heated liners to keep your feet cosy while you ski. Others have special shock absorption technology if you anticipate some more intense time on the slopes. The type of liner inside your boot can vary as well, from minimal to very thick and can hold to your foots shape in different ways.

Other Ski Accessories

Once you have the perfect ski boots on hand, there are a number of other pieces of ski equipment and ski accessories that will lead to an even better ski experience, no matter your ability level. Ski poles are a natural piece of equipment to help just about everyone, as are ski helmets. Gloves of varying degrees of thickness are also great to have, as are ski goggles.