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Men’s Socks

In the world of men’s clothing, men's underwear and socks are probably the last things you would prioritise when putting together an outfit. Sure, during the colder months or at night, you’d want to keep your feet toasty, but generally, socks have always been an afterthought. They are actually quite important, not just from a fashion perspective but also in terms of health benefits. They promote good circulation in the legs, they give support during intense physical activity, and they prevent blisters, among other things.


Bamboo fabric is a surprisingly good material for socks. At the microscopic level, its surface is smooth and round. Bamboo fibre contains tiny holes and gaps, which ensure good moisture absorption for better wicking capabilities than even that of cotton. The fibre is also antibacterial, and this characteristic remains active even after several frequent washings, says the Japanese Textile Inspection Association. This makes the fibre ideal for those with sensitive or allergy-prone skin. Men’s bamboo socks do not look much different from more common socks, so it's important to read the labelling closely. They come in many of the typical designs, such as ankle socks, foot socks, work socks, and more.

Loose Top

Oftentimes, you simply want your feet to stay cosy, and this is where men’s loose top socks come in. Compared to regular work socks, which provide tight support for strenuous activity, loose top socks prioritise comfort above all. They typically are made of a non-elastic material, which reduces constriction and thereby enhancing comfort, and most are made of wool to keep you warm. These are ideal for lazy Saturday nights at home or for extra comfort when you’re feeling sick. Their design is usually restricted to shin lengths, and these socks are often prescribed to diabetics and those with swollen ankles.

Formal Socks

Formal or dress socks are often made of a thin fabric or a mix of cotton, nylon, or spandex. They have elastic garters for the cuff to keep the light fabric sitting securely above your ankle. Their thinness is ideal for use with dress shoes for that smart look. Additionally, dress socks come in a variety of colourful and attractive designs that can give your sedate outfit a dash of personality and eccentricity.