Men's Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Mens Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Formal and custom-made mens shirts often include cuffs that require closure to achieve a sophisticated look. A perfect complement to a range of mens jewellery, metal cufflinks secure cuffs and can add elegance to a gentlemans ensemble, including shiny sterling silver designs. Styles that feature colourful details or decorative themes can make sterling silver cufflinks a focal point of a mans formal shirt.

Shirt Cuffs

Although mens shirts that have button cuffs have no need for cufflink closures, several other cuff styles may. Link cuffs feature buttonholes on either side and benefit from the use of cufflinks or silk knots, and an individual who wants to add a stylish sterling silver cufflink to a convertible cuff can simply hide the cuffs button closure. Formal and long, French cuffs are double cuffs that fold back and require fastening, which makes this cuff style the most popular type for cufflink use.

Cufflink Types

Sterling silver cufflinks are available in a variety of styles. Bullet back and toggle designs are especially popular because they are user-friendly and provide extra closing security once a wearer flips them back after aligning their bullet and post features. A gentleman may want to experiment with other styles, including lightweight stud and button cufflinks, ball return styles that promote a looser fit, or traditional and sophisticated chain link designs he can wear on both sides of his shirt cuffs.

Decorative Themes

Choosing mens cufflinks that include decorative elements or designs that reflect a wearers special interests or hobbies can be an excellent way for a man to show his individuality. A person who loves sailing or yachting may enjoy using sterling silver cufflinks in the shape of a sail boat. Inscribed cufflinks may include the wearers name or the names of his children or favourite rock music band.

Cufflinks with Added Colour

One of the reasons that sterling silver cufflinks, like stainless steel cufflinks and other metal options, are in such high demand is because their neutral colour make them look attractive with any shirt colour. Wearers may appreciate that versatility, though some men may decide to select sterling silver cufflinks that include colour elements. You can also find gemstones or coloured glass fixtures on sterling silver cufflinks that provide a pop of colour to complement your formal shirt.