Men's Sunglasses

Meant to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays, men's sunglasses aren't just about eye safety; the right pair adds visual appeal to your appearance and may become one of your favourite go-to accessories. With a variety of frame designs and styles available, choosing the perfect pair is a cinch.

Heavy Metal

Created from a variety of materials, sunglasses range from lightweight plastic frame sunglasses to sturdy and solid metal frames. Choosing a frame is largely dependent on aesthetics. Plastic frames run the gamut when it comes to size and shape, including the classic Wayfarer design, while metal brings to mind the masculine, cool look of aviator shades.

The Shape of Things

Sunglasses come in different lens shapes, and certain designs flatter specific faces. round sunglasses highlight a heart-shaped face with a more pointed chin, while men's rectangular sunglasses flatter an oval or round face. Men with square faces should opt for aviators or round styles, while Wayfarers help balance out an elongated face shape.

Shady Selections

Once you've honed in on the right material and frame shape, it's time to choose a sunglasses style. Some of the most popular shades styles  - like from brands such as Oakley, include wraparound sunglasses, which feature wider lenses and thicker sides to add even more UV protection. Aviators are a timeless design that never go out of style, and the retro look of Wayfarers is a solid choice. Rimless glasses look effortlessly cool, and special sports shades work well for specific tasks, such as skiing or running.

You've Been Framed

Though a basic pair of shades may keep you covered, you may want to dig deeper and find features that up the ante when you purchase the right sunglasses. Clip-ons make it easy to wear your existing eyeglasses and still get the UV protection you require. Polarised designs reduce glare and work well for outdoor sports and hobbies, such as hiking or fishing. Folding glasses store easily, while mirrored models make being on the beach or snow less squinty, plus, they just look cool.