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Men's Thongs

Men’s Thongs

A staple of the Australian summer, men’s sandles and flip flops offer men the comfort and protection of footwear, but with the feeling of being barefoot. Suitable for the beach, gentle walks or just slipping on to take the bins out, thongs are surprisingly versatile despite their simplicity.

Colours and Designs

Much like other forms of footwear, the greatest differences between men’s thongs is their design and colour. With a strong connection with the beach, it’s no wonder you can find thongs with logos from all your favourite surf brands. Although there are plenty of monochrome thongs available, you can also find plenty of ones with multi coloured or patterned designs.

Cushioned Footwear

While basic men’s thongs feature only a basic flat footbed of rubber or EVA rubber, more advanced ones are often designed for comfort. These types of thongs usually feature a moulded footbed that follows the contours of your foot and can have specific rubbers for greater cushioning and arch support. Others involve textured footbeds that not only lessen the impact of walking but also provide enhanced traction. By offering support and traction, these thongs make it easier to walk on all sorts of surfaces, from slick footpaths to more rocky trails.

Thong Straps

As with footbeds, the straps and thongs can differ greatly in their design to match what best suits you. Some men’s thongs offer a simple, narrow and flexible strap while others can be broader and moulded to the shape of your foot. While they’re also made from EVA rubber, you can find thongs that have leather straps, making them look more like sandals.

Sandals, Slides and Slippers

Aside from the broad range of styles for thongs, there’s also ample choice in men’s sandals which are often seen as more supportive footwear. Somewhere between sandals and thongs you can also find slides and slippers which have the simplicity of thongs and the protection of sandals.

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