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Mens Tuxedo Suits

For any special occasion whether its a wedding or gala or even prom, a tux is the chicest type of formal wear a man could wear. A tuxedo suit is the epitome of classic formal apparel for a man. There are several materials a tux can use depending upon budget and the look youre going for. Additionally there are different elements of a tux to consider as well including accessories and the style of jacket to include with your ensemble.

What Styles of Tuxedo Suits Are There?

  • Traditional. Traditional tuxedo suits that the black tuxedos with the satin stripe down the pant leg with a satin lapel on the jacket.
  • Long-tailed jackets. These jackets are somewhat outdated, but they crop in the front, with the hem of the jacket hitting at about the waist with longer tails in the back.
  • Coloured tuxedos. Coloured tuxedos are very popular and can be just as classic as your traditional tuxedo. Some of the more popular tuxedo colours include charcoal, navy, forest green and burgundy. Additionally, white dinner jackets are equally as fashionable and classic to wear.
  • Three-piece tuxedos. A three-piece tuxedo includes a waistcoat along with the jacket. The waistcoats can either be double-breasted or traditional.

What Materials Go into Mens Tuxedo Suits?

  • Cotton blend. A blend of cotton and polyester, this material is lighter and good for warmer weather, allowing the suit to breathe.
  • Polyester. A man-made fabric, this is a more inexpensive option than wool. Polyester suits can come in any style or colour.
  • Wool blend. Not as heavy or warm as a 100-percent wool suit, wool blends usually combine with polyester.
  • Wool. A wool tuxedo suit is usually soft and high quality, yielding a higher price point. These are extremely classic and timeless pieces in any mans wardrobe.
  • Velvet. A fun and trendy tuxedo material choice is velvet. Velvet suits can come in several colours and offer an updated look to a traditional tuxedo.

What Other Elements Come with a Tuxedo?

  • Tie. A tie always goes with a tuxedo, whether its a long tie or bow tie.
  • Cummerbund. A cummerbund is a wide strip of fabric worn around the waist, almost like a belt. This can go with a traditional tuxedo but not a three-piece that includes a waistcoat.
  • Jewellery. Button covers and cufflinks are an important aspect of a tuxedo and can jazz up a traditional look.

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