Keep dry with men's umbrellas

Banish the winter blues with a men's umbrella and shelter from the wind and rain in style. Choose a classic style for everyday use, or be bold with a bright colour or pattern. If you're more at home on the golf course, explore golf umbrellas to ensure nothing will stop your day on the course.

Men's umbrellas with a specific purpose

A golf umbrella is perfect for when you want to hit the course no matter what the weather. Golf umbrellas often have vents in the canopy so the wind can go through it without turning it inside out. Often lightweight, these umbrellas won't make your kit too heavy, and curved handles hook onto the golf cart for easy transportation.

If space is a concern, then a folding men's umbrella is ideal. Just leave it in your backpack and its there when you need it. It is advisable to choose a reinforced folding umbrella so it stands up to the wind.

Styles of men's umbrellas

Automatic or pop out umbrellas are great for men running errands around town. Unlike a manual umbrella, automatic umbrellas open at the push of a button, so you only need one hand free. Like folding umbrellas, it's best to choose a strong automatic umbrella so it doesn't get damaged.

Men's fashion umbrellas

Umbrellas for men are both practical and a fashion statement. A black or navy umbrella looks stylish and goes with anything and is ideal for everyday use. An umbrella with a wooden handle is great for a more fashionable look, or brighten up a rainy day with a coloured or patterned umbrella and show off your personal style.

Rain protection

An umbrella with bigger side panels gives better protection from wind and rain. If you're running in and out of the car then a smaller canopy will give you protection from the rain without extra bulk.