The vintage hat

Whether you use them for practical purposes or want to add a classic and timeless element of style to your look, vintage hats can be a game-changer. So, why not bring back that special touch of yesteryear?

Our extensive selection of vintage hats spreads across time periods, genres and styles. If you’re looking for a vintage basketball cap to express your never-say-die love of your favourite team, we’ve got you covered. Or if you’re looking for a vintage cartoon cap to re-live your glory years, our selection may just have what you need. Though, of course, you may just be looking for the timeless classics. The hats from the movies in the 40s and 50s – the Akubras, the Royal Stetsons, and the Fedoras.

History of the Akubra

The Akubra brand is an Australian hallmark, traditionally worn by Australian stockmen. While commonly associated with bush hats made of rabbit fur pelt, the brand manufactures hats in a range of styles, including the fedora, homburg, bowler, pork pie and trilby. Whatever the make, the Akubra is quintessentially Australian, and a must-have in any hat-lovers wardrobe.

Pair with your vintage hat

Keep the vintage theme alive with our diverse selection of vintage watches. Whether you’re looking for SEIKO, Casio, Omega, or something a little less well-known, we have an extensive selection of makes and brands.

Why not pair a pair of vintage sunnies with your new hat? Our range of sunglasses is extensive and includes brands like Wayfarer, Gucci and more. These pieces are sure to be a stylish addition to your vintage look.