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How Do I Find Dancewear for Men and Women?

Whether you're part of a troupe or are simply considering taking some ballroom or other type of dance lessons as an adult, you'll need some gear and clothing to go along with your art. Dance outfits are fairly simple, and with a few staples, you should have all you need not only for performance day, but for practice sessions as well. With styles for both men's and women's dancewear, it's a cinch to find leotards, dance costumes and other accessories.

What Are Some Different Types of Women's Dancewear?

When it comes to differences between the genders, there are certainly more distinct styles when it comes to women's dancewear. Depending on the type of dance involved, there are a few costumes and outfits to have on hand for particular types:

  • Leotards and unitards: Perhaps the most common type of dance outfit for women, a leotard is meant for much more than just ballet. Offering you freedom of movement, you can do everything from the cha cha to the two-step.
  • Skirts/tutus: While a tutu is chiefly meant for ballet-type performances, dance skirts are a viable choice for nearly any type of dance, from modern to jazz.
  • Belly dancing gear: You'll want a specific top and skirt if you're taking belly dancing lessons. Look for loose and flowing cotton skirts that hang below the hips.
  • Loose clothing: Simple tank tops and tight-fitting shorts (like bike shorts) are great for practice or a workout.

What Are Some Men's Styles?

When it comes to styles for men, there are still many choices when it comes to dancewear:

  • Loose-fitting suit: These types of suits, made expressly for dance, allow the male partner to move freely, while still looking elegant.
  • Leotards and unitards: Similarly to women's dancewear, a male leotard is perfect for ballet, or for other dances where you need freedom of movement.
  • Exercise clothes: When practicing, it's completely fine to wear a pair of loose shorts or a loose T-shirt until you get your moves down.

What Are Some Dance Accessories?

To go along with actual clothing, there are a few dance accessories you may need to add to your ensemble as well:

  • Dance shoes: Depending on the type of dance, special shoes must be worn, specifically for ballet, tap and other skilled dances.
  • Dance uniforms: If you need to outfit an entire troupe for a performance, you may need matching dance outfits in everyone's size.
  • Scarves or sashes: Often used as part of a dance, scarves are typically available in vibrant, eye-grabbing colours.
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