Men's Wristwatches

It's time for a new men's wristwatch

Smart, sophisticated and classy or practical and tough, watches have become a key men's accessory, gracing our wrists through everything from deep sea diving to black tie dinners. These days, with smart watches bringing exciting new technology, the humble wristwatch might feel a smidge outdated – but the collection of options on eBay feature pieces that are as useful and stylish as ever.

Sports watches

A sports watch is designed to be tough and strong, with scratch resistant coating, water resistance, and the ability to take knocks and blows without ever missing a tick. You’ll generally find that sports watches come with steel or rubber straps, as these tend to hold up best under a greater variety of conditions – for example, immersion in water, high temperatures and heavy physical abuse. If you consider yourself a bit of a thrill seeker, look for a watch that’s water resistant to 1000m (or 100 ATM) and has a steel band. Titanium is also an option – it’s tougher than steel and more rust resistant. However, it’s more scratchable than steel.

Dress watches

As opposed to sports watches, dress watches aren’t designed to be big and tough. Instead, they’re designed to look great and complement a more formal outfit. There are a few points that differentiate the two types of watch.

For a start, the face of a dress watch tends to lie flatter, and there’s not much in the way of protection around it. The band is typically thinner, and plated in gold, silver or platinum. More elaborate dress watches can include gemstones on the watch face or band. They also usually aren't very water resistant. You’ll find dress watches that use all kinds of movement, although there’s something about mechanical and automatic movement watches that adds a hint of extra elegance.

Whatever your men's wristwatch needs, make time to check out the awesome selection available online on eBay today.

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