Men's Yellow Gold Rings

Although some men do not wear much jewellery, a ring is something many men make an exception for, especially those in a relationship. A common ring that many men wear is a yellow gold ring. Men's yellow gold rings are available in many different weights, styles and adornations.

What type of men's yellow gold rings are there?

Men's yellow gold rings come in a few different styles, the most notable being a men's yellow gold wedding ring. Some other types of men's yellow gold rings that are available include:

  • Affiliation rings
  • Family rings
  • Artistic rings

Wedding rings are known as cultural and religious rings because there is usually of significance to them, such as being associated with the bonds of holy matrimony. The most notable type of affiliation ring is the class ring, worn by students to signify graduation from a school or university. Other forms of affiliation rings include fraternal organisations and military affiliations. Family rings are those associated with a particular family and typically have some sort of family symbol or crest on the ring.

How do you buy men's yellow gold rings?

When buying a men's yellow gold ring, or any other ring, choosing one of the above-mentioned styles is the most important reason. In general, men usually don't go for a lot of jewellery, so the ring should probably serve a specific purpose. The next step is to know the size of the finer that the man will be wearing the ring on. For wedding rings, this is usually for the ring finger on a specific hand, but other types of rings are sometimes worn on other fingers. Then, consider any additional materials, such as gemstones, and what type of gold that the ring should be. The most common type of yellow gold ring is 14-karat gold, but 10K, 18K and 24K are also options. Your budget is the last consideration.

What's the best way to care for a yellow gold ring?

Caring for yellow gold rings varies by whether or not the ring has any stones like diamonds or sapphires on the ring. For yellow gold rings that have no adornations on them like men's yellow gold nugget rings, use water and a few drops of a gentle soap as a soaking solution. For rings with gemstones, such as a men's yellow gold diamond ring, the same solution works. However, instead of soaking the ring, use a gentle damp cloth like microfibre and clean the ring with the solution. Use another damp cloth soaked only in water to remove any soap residue. Then, let the ring air dry before wearing.