Mercedes-Benz Black Diecast Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz Black Diecast Vehicles

In the world of diecast car collections, Mercedes-Benz represents real-life style in miniature form. Its a happy day when you can find a Mercedes diecast vehicle that has a bonnet and boot that open or a model with moving suspensions, mirrors and doors. When on the hunt for black diecast cars, consider vehicle type, series and other factors. Youll be even happier to find accessories or a specific tiny part for one of your prized possessions.

Vehicle Types

A black Mercedes-Benz 600 limousine in 1:43 scale is a replica of the vehicle manufactured from 1963 to 1981. Designed for a chauffeur to drive, the model can bring back memories of travelling as an executive or wanting to do so. Youll find Mercedes-Benz plastic diecast vehicles available as touring cars, delivery trucks and vans in resin and white metal materials in addition to the plastic injection moulded examples.


The Matchbox series of Mercedes-Benz includes rescue units, police cars, and towing trucks or sleek-looking convertible reproductions of cars produced from 1966 to 1972. Furthermore, you can collect the Minichamps street series, such as the first Mercedes-Benz SUV or the SLK Minichamp car with a removable roof, detailed engine and working steering wheel. Moreover, any real-world trucker can appreciate collecting the SIKU super series of commercial trucks that may also include a tank container and trailer measuring 14 cm end to end.

Purchasing Options

Collectors assemble a collection of diecast vehicles due to their interest in motoring or as an investment. Diehard amassers can purchase the miniatures in their original, unopened packaging or assemble a collection of limited edition vehicles. By doing so, you nearly guarantee a bigger return on your initial expenditure when selling the pieces.

Diecast Accessories, Parts, and Displays

Display cases and stands are a vital component for showing off your collection of diecast vehicles. Youll keep your beauties dust-free and preserve your investment so they dont lose value. Likewise, you can purchase rubber tyres for your Mercedes-Benz classic vehicles, add a roof rack or replace the teeny steering wheel.