Merino Kids Baby Sleeping Bags & Sleepsacks

  Baby Sleeping Bags   

What exactly is a baby sleeping bag? For anyone who has not heard of the concept of a baby sleeping bag, it’s not quite the same as an adult sleeping bag. This is not a sleeping bag designed to keep the wearer warm while camping or hiking. Instead, it works as a blanket to be used on an everyday basis, at home, in bed. Why? Well, there have been plenty of studies into safe sleeping conditions for babies. Most recommend that there is nothing unnecessary to be placed in the cot. No pillows or cushions, no stuffed toys or anything else that a baby might suffocate on.   While many parents still opt to use a blanket in bed, some prefer the baby sleeping bag. Baby sleeping bags can be worn tight like a swaddle. These can work well for newborns and younger babies, before they learn to flip themselves from their back onto their front. These swaddle-like sleeping bags can help provide comfort, allowing baby to sleep longer. For older babies and little kids, there are sleeping bags that are a bit more roomy. Buttoning up over the shoulders and leaving the arms free, the bags offer a warm snuggly place for littlies to go to sleep in, which won’t move around the bed like a blanket.   

Buying Merino Kids Baby Sleeping Bags   

When buying any baby stuff, it can often be a good idea to opt for a trusted brand. As a name parents trust, Merino Kids offers a great range of sleeping bags and sleep sacks to choose from. And what better place to buy Merino Kids gear than eBay? Check out eBay’s fantastic range of Merino Kids baby sleeping bags, and narrow the search by colour, by gender, by condition or by price. Sleep made easy!