Keep your feet warmer for longer

Winter can be harsh on your feet.Say goodbye to irritating cramps and foot pain with this range of merino wool socks. Whether you prefer warm boots or sneakers, the right pair of socks can stop you from developing crams and other foot conditions, and can also make having to go out in the cold much more warm and bearable.

Soft merino wool available

Soft, breathable and not too thick, merino wool is often used to create light cardigans and jumpers. Moisture wicking and durable, merino wool has been used in active wear also.If you want warmth and a wool material without the chunky knitted feeling commonly associated with wool, this is the material to buy.If you’re finding yourself in need of new socks, specifically for the colder months of the year, these merino wool socks will outlast your standard synthetic or cotton socks.Designed to be worn outdoors, made in a sleek, compact style, these socks are not just for daily life they’re great to travel with too.

Shop the fun range

If you want to keep your calves warm, we stock merino wool socks in a knew-high or calf high range, with multiple colours and colour combinations available. If you’re going for a winter hike or a winter workout of any style, ultra-light merino wool socks are also available. If you need to find new socks for work, especially if you’re a tradie, this range has ultra-high durability socks that are designed to be warmer and last longer. With a range of ski-ready socks available in this range, this is the place to find warm, quality socks. No matter what you need them for, we have something to suit your needs.