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Merlin Electronics Remote Controls

Merlin Electronics is a brand of the Chamberlain Group, the largest manufacturer of automatic garage door openers. They have a variety of remote controls and electronics accessories available on the market to suit your particular requirements and provide more certainty than generic models.


Merlin Electronics have a range of different remote controls with varying designs. They have regular remote controls for use in garage systems differentiated by how many buttons are available for configuration. For example, there are 2-, 3- and 4-button remote controls available from Merlin Electronics. In addition, they also have car visor remotes that you clip onto a sun visor in your car for ease of use and storage. These are also distinguished by the amount of buttons available to be programmed, with 1- and 3-button models available in this particular style.


Some Merlin Electronics remote controls have a more robust feature set than others. For example, the E960M Premium+, one of the brand's 4-button remote controls, boasts such key features as unique codes generated on each activation, a green LED light that turns on when a button is pressed, both Security + and Security +2 encryption used together, and multiple frequencies available of 433.30, 433.92 and 934.54 Mhz. As different remote controls can have varying feature sets, it's worthwhile to compare the range and consider your needs.


Merlin Electronics remote controls can be programmed to the frequency of your garage door and other devices. They are preset to work with Merlin Security+ 2.0 systems and have an operating distance of about three car lengths. You can also program them to work with additional garage door openers, gate operators, light controls, access control systems and more. Be sure to follow to relevant instruction manuals for your remote control to enable it to successfully be set up.


Merlin Electronics also offers a range of relevant accessories depending on your needs. For instance, they offer an exit sensor for your garage door so that when your car is reversing out, it automatically opens the gate for you. They provide control panels and various wall mounts for security devices. They also offer batteries for use in such garage systems, as well as batteries like the 24 V Evercharge battery standby power unit, which powers such a system in the event if a power outage.

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