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Got one to sell?

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Get submerged in a mermaid blanket

Escape reality with the magical, candy-coloured scales of a mermaid's tale paired with the comforting feel of a blanket. Warm, super-cosy, and perfect for lounge days, a mermaid blanket is a great way to kick back and relax. Whether you're snuggling up on the sofa or wearing your mermaid tail blanket to a fancy dress party, kids and adults alike can glam up their lower extremities with a strikingly soft tail.

With various different colours, designs and materials, everyone is sure to find a mermaid blanket suited to their tastes, from kids and adults to men and women.

Mermaid tails for everyone

All of these blankets are unisex so if you're a wannabe Merman, don't worry. You will totally rock a mermaid blanket in blue, purple, or pink. A soft, knitted merman tail or mermaid tail is just what you need to keep warm and cosy. They make them in sizes for kids as well as adults, so you can get your little nippers in flippers too.

Why not get a mermaid blanket for the whole family and be a whole shoal of mermaids watching TV together, perfect for those colder months.

Mermaid material

Most mermaid tail blankets are handmade and you can also get a crochet tail or one made from acrylic. Instead of going for a normal blanket, go with a fitted style that adds effortless charm. A soft knitted mermaid blanket can cheer you up no end, and a knitted mermaid tail will give you a tale to tell. If you're going for a truly comfortable feel, opt for a velvet mermaid blanket that adds a touch of luxury to any room

So, if you're looking for an amusingly glam way to keep warm and you've always dreamed of becoming a mermaid, a knitted mermaid tail blanket is for you.

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