Mesa Boogie

Tune in with a MESA Boogie

MESA Boogie amps started life in the 70s with the MESA engineering company. When Carlos Santana tried out one of the earlier designs, based on a Fender amp, he is said to have exclaimed, this thing boogies, and MESA Boogie was born.

The Mark Series

MESA guitar amplifiers have been produced in many different models to satisfy an ever-changing guitar, and bass amp market. Here you will find head, and combo units as well as rack mount, power, and pre-amps. The MESA Boogie dual rectifier is a firm favourite amongst professionals, and amateurs alike.

The MESA Boogie Mark V, renowned for its superb tonal quality derived from years of high-end amplifier design, are ones to look out for. The MESA Boogies Mark I, Mark IIC, and Mark IV have taken years of dedicated refinement, and deserve to be heard.

Bass Amps

If its a bass amp youre after, check out the MESA Boogie D-800 range of pre, and power amps, or for the discerning guitarist the TC-50 is always a top choice. This comes with the option of head, or combo units. The MESA Boogie JP-2C is another favourite developed in collaboration with the great American guitarist, John Petrucci.

Whether its a RectoVerb 25, renowned for its long-spring reverb tank, or a Lone Star with its remarkable clean, and controllable classic sounds combined with enormous versatility, you will be blown away with the many different combinations of sound.

Whether youre jamming with your friends in the garage, or are in a band dreaming of stardom, the right sound for you will be found with a MESA Boogie. Look through their range of amps and after which, check out their range of guitar and bass effect pedals or other music accessories for an even better sound.