Get the Message – Grab a Message Board!

Want to get a message out to people passing by your store, or alert customers to specials in-store? While printed posters often seem the standard, they take time to design, print, and send out. In contrast, a message board from eBay allows you to switch out your message in just a couple of minutes, and offers a low-key, homey sort of vibe while doing so.

Chalkboards for quick rewrites

A lot of businesses find that a wooden message board out the front, offering a joke, thought for the day, or a short-term special dish can engage potential customers. It can also lead to extra visibility on social media sites, as people snap photos of the board and share it with friends. Others use message boards inside to alert customers to specials, new offerings, and other temporary information. But chalkboards aren't just useful for cafes and stores.

They're also handy for families who are busy and might not find themselves all in the same place at the same time – just write your message on the board so people can see it whenever they get home.

Cork boards for memorabilia and memorandums

Cork boards are a great way to create an evolving display of printed images or notes. Your interest might be décor – say, a seasonal collection of family photos. Or it might be informational – a collection of rosters, reminders, and motivational messages to keep people up to date and upbeat.

New-style glass message boards 

The classic whiteboard was a fairly utilitarian thing, and good looks weren't really high on the list of priorities. Modern versions, however, offer a sleek glass front in a range of styles and designs, including simple glossy black and colourful artworks. This allows a glass message board to mesh with your current décor and provide a quick and easy messaging option as well. Many of these are magnetic as well, so that you can either write with a whiteboard marker or stick up a printed sheet of paper. You can get all of this on eBay, and much more, so start shopping today.