Metal Cut Off Saw

Metal Cut Off Saws

Whether you are looking for a tool to cut into a rod of cast iron or a steel pipe, a metal cut off saw makes it easy to get the job done in no time. Metal saws are hand-held machines that you can use to cut through hard metals, as well as other materials such as concrete and tile surfaces. Also known as circular saws, these power tools often come with an abrasive grinding disc that is highly effective at cutting through hard surfaces.

Metal Saws Functions

If you want to be able to rotate the saw and produce angle cuts, look for a mitre saw, which generally come in 10 or 12-inch options. The type of blade you need depends on the material you want to cut. Common options include abrasive blades that produce lots of sparks and require you to leave the material to cool after making the cut, and cold-cut blades, which dont heat up the surface.

Safety Accessories for Metal Cutting Saws

Metal chopping and cutting is a job that requires lots of attention and needs to be completed in total safety. When using metal cutting saws and other industrial tools, its essential to protect yourself with safety glasses and gloves.