Metal Detector Accessories

Whether you are keen on panning for gold, silver or copper, or combing the beach or park for lost or hidden treasures, there are many accessories for metal detectors to help pinpoint what you are looking for, even when using advanced models like waterproof metal detectors. Two brands in the manufacturing of metal detecting equipment and accessories are Minelab and Garrett. Minelab and Garrett’s detector range includes everything needed for hobbyist treasure hunters through to precision military equipment.


With a good set of headphones connected to your metal detector, you will not miss the beeps and blips that indicate you have may have found something good. Metal detector headphones can block out surrounding noise such as wind, surf, running water and traffic or road noise so you can focus on the tone of your detector to locate your find. Plug in jacks, wireless and waterproof headsets give you the flexibility to move about.

Picks, Digging Tools and Sand Scoops

A decent pick or digging tool will get you through gravel or dirt. Digging tools and picks are available in tough metal and HDPE plastics with sharp and serrated edges to cut through and breakup rough materials to uncover what lies below. Metal detector sand scoops with sieve holes allow you to easily sift through sand easily and collect your target pieces. Sand scoops provide added protection from accidental cuts from sharp objects.

Search Coils and Batteries

The most important part of any metal detector accessory kit is obviously a spare search coil or two. Metal detector search coil sizes and shapes vary depending on the type of metal detector you use, what kind of objects or metals you are looking for, and how deep you want to search. Spares of the nuts, and bolts, that hold search coils in place are a good idea too and will always come in handy. Metal detector batteries and chargers depend on the model. Some detectors have removable and portable battery packs, while others have options for wall chargers and car chargers.

Harnesses and Carry Bags

Prevent back strain and consider attaching your metal detector to a back or shoulder harness to carry some of the load, or an armrest for additional comfort. An additional safety feature of wearing a harness is the reduced impact of damaging your equipment if you lose your grip or drop your detector. Customised carry bags and backpacks for metal detecting activities have pockets and compartments to store accessories, and your finds.