Metal Detectors

Metal detectors

Planning on an adventure searching for that valuable gold, coin, metal or treasure on a sunny beach? Pick from gold prospecting, pinpointing, beach/surf and general purpose metal detectors. Get searching for that treasure or ancient artefact.

Gold prospecting

Get rich detecting that gold coin with a high value before someone else beats you to it! Have a fun adventure day with the kids and have them exploring the great outdoors! There are numerous brands such as Garrett and Fisher, with models including; Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector 2 or Md-1008a Kids Metal Detector Coil. Get out there and get detecting.


Pinpoint that target via the laser, detecting that treasure to its exact location, wherever you are in Australia! Pinpointers (also known as probes) can either be built into a detector or are used after a detector has been used. These help to work out precisely where that piece of metal is to save you digging a great big hole.


Forget your sun tan for now and get detecting right away! Those gold coins are out there ready to be unearthed by you! Brands include; Garrett Ace 200i Metal Detector, Md-1008a Kids Metal Detector Ground Searching Gold Digger Treasure Hunter, with features such as; Volume Control, Pulse Induction, Discrimination Knob.

Grab your equipment and head down to the beach and unleash your inner prospector. It's a great way to keep the kids entertained.

General Purpose

Seeking to find artefacts, relics or that valuable coin you're so determined to find? Get hunting for them exy treasures! Features a high frequency with that special or smaller coil! Models include Deep Sensitive Metal Detector Gold Coils Digger Pinpointer Treasure Hunter Sand Model 1, with features such as; volume control and waterproof.

Whether you're new to it, an avid hobbyist or a professional treasure hunter, get yourself a general purpose metal detector and get searching.