Decorating the great outdoors with metal garden sculptures

Is your garden calling out for a little extra decoration to sit alongside those thriving plants and flowers? You can add to the aesthetics by scattering various garden decor items around the place, such as a series of metal garden sculptures. As for choice of garden art designs, simply let your imagination run free.

There are metal bird and nest sculptures, abstract outdoor sculptures, metal plant sculptures, metal garden fairy sculptures, metal sphere sculptures, metal rustic windmill sculptures and a whole range of interesting alternatives to suit your garden. Still searching for inspiration? Well check out more rusty-finish garden bird species ornaments like metal cranes, metal woodpeckers, metal peacocks, metal cockatoos, metal spotted herrons and metal flamingos. You might even discover discover an iron pig mother and piglets garden sculpture set.

All of these stunning art displays are suitable for the outdoors and designed to stand freely on the grass or a table, wedge into the turf or sit in the branch of a tree  wherever your garden or yard is lacking excitement. Many of these ornaments can also be kept inside if you wish.


Garden art comes in all different shapes and sizes, so you'll need to select items suitable for the area you're going to place them. For example, one handcrafted metal bird and nest sculpture measures 14cm long x 12cm wide x 12cm high, while a metal garden decorative sphere has a diameter of 40cm.

Add some lovely garden wind chimes and your beautiful home garden will soon be the place to relax.