Metal Garden Sheds & Storage

Metal Garden and Storage Sheds

Metal garden and storage sheds are used to store implements and tools that are usually either too large or too dirty to be kept well inside a home and can even serve as workshops and hobby spaces. Though weather and the elements do wear metal away over time, most metal garden and storage sheds are weather-treated or galvanized to increase their longevity and most are easily capable of lasting a decade or more.

Types of Sheds

There are many different types of metal garden sheds and storage sheds. The most common of these are tool sheds and workshops which store garden and home tools and usually provide enough space for them to be used. Metal garage sheds are larger and work to protect vehicles from weather and the elements. There are also bike sheds, wood sheds to protect cut wood from the elements, farm sheds for storing livestock feed and gear, and potting sheds for storing pots and potting materials.

Metal Shed Sizes

Most metal garden and storage sheds are measured by metres, with the smallest being roughly 3 metres by 3 metres. Though the vast majority are square, with popular sizes falling at 3x3, 6x6, and 8x8 and rectangular options are also available.

Shed Roof Shapes

Different roof shapes can dramatically alter the utility and longevity of a metal garden shed. Flat roofs, though easy to manufacture and very common, tend to collect debris and moisture. Gabled roofs, on the other hand, help to sluice moisture and debris down the roof. Pent roofs have a single diagonal slant with one side of the shed sometimes substantially taller than the other.

Door Options for Sheds

Most metal garden and storage sheds come with two different door options; either a single traditional outward-swinging door or a metal double door. However, some varieties such as metal garage sheds, have no doors at all, and instead have a wide doorless opening, ideal for storing vehicles and farm equipment.