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Metal Garden Statues and Lawn Ornaments

Your garden looks like its missing something, but youre not sure what. Perhaps you need to add some lawn ornaments, which enhance the look of your lawn and garden and add some decoration to your outdoor space. Metal lawn ornaments are not only elegant, but theyre also durable, withstanding all types of weather conditions.


There are many types of metal garden statues to select from that can complement your personal aesthetic as well as your yard space. Some garden decor types include lawn sculptures, which are artistic pieces; garden stakes, which help you organise your garden in a visually pleasing way; or statues, which are beautiful display ornaments for your yard or garden area. Choose a type based on your available space, personal preference or need.

Designs and Themes

There are lawn decorations for every preference. Whether youre a minimalist and prefer the look of subdued sculptures, such as orbs, plants or metal lanterns, or whether you enjoy the look ofl metal animals, insects or birds, there are plenty of options from which to choose. Designs range from oversized Tibetan bells to a bevy of colourful owls or mice playing metal instruments. Sprinkle your yard with pink metal flamingos, or enjoy small and delicate butterfly stakes placed around your garden.


Metal lawn decorations come in a range of sizes, from extremely small miniatures to oversized, attention-grabbing pieces. You can place metal garden picks around your plants to help you identify them, or you can mount an oversized sculpture in the centre of your backyard. Before you purchase garden decorations, be sure to measure your available space to compare it with the items to ensure you have enough room for the piece. You can also use miniatures to create a fairy garden in your yard, or add metal dragonflies to your flower garden.


Colours run the gamut when it comes to lawn decor. For a subtle look, go with solid pewter shades, or for a piece that stands out, opt for painted metal that reflects the colours you enjoy, ranging from bold primary shades to more distressed and antiqued green and gold designs.

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