Popular Metal Mulisha Products

Stand out with Metal Mulisha clothing

If you want to stand out from the crowd you're sure to do just that in one of the many Metal Mulisha items of clothing available here on eBay. From tracksuits and hoodies to T-shirts and baseball caps to wallets, Metal Mulisha has everything.


If you're stocking up on T-shirts you shouldn't be afraid to rock the gothic look, as black is the backdrop for many Metal Mulisha Ts. With the word 'Metal' in the brand title, you won't be surprised to know that skulls also feature prominently, as do illustrations like 'The Gatekeeper' and 'Sons of Anarchy-Mayhem'.

Get a whole Metal Mulisha wardrobe

Metal Mulisha don't stop at T-shirts, check out the men's boardshorts sporting the recognisable Mulisha brand, as well as the introduction of a little bit of colour for when you strut your stuff on the beach. There's plenty to choose from for the ladies as well with a fab collection of Metal Mulisha dresses from maxi to mini, and cute little numbers like the 'Biker Babe' and 'Heat Wave'. The women also get a big splash of colour with the Day of the Dead Maiden Tee, you're sure to stand out in this beauty.

Whilst there are colour options available, black with white designs tend to dominate, but everyone looks good in black.

Hats, hoodies and pants

You can top off your outfit with one of Mulisha's hats, baseball designs to keep the sun out of your eyes, and a hoodie will be a welcome addition on those cooler summer evenings after a day on the beach. Metal Mulisha can deck you out from top to toe, shoes for men and women carry the brand's striking imagery as well as more subtle designs if you don't want to make everyone jealous.

That is unless you are wearing the Metal Mulisha MX gear which includes pants, jersey and gloves, the sport also being at the heart of the Metal Mulisha brand. Whatever you need, whatever look you are going for, if Metal Mulisha is your brand of choice you will find everything you need here on eBay.