Metal Office Storage Cabinets

Everything needs a home, so why not keep your valuables, documents, stationery and tools etc safe inside a metal storage cabinet? You cant go wrong with a lockable unit thats large enough to store all those home or office supplies, but compact enough to place out of the way in a corner or against a wall.

What do you need to store?

Choosing the right storage cabinet means knowing what youre likely to put inside it. Large heavy duty office storage cabinets (such as 200 x 90 x 50cm units) can hold just about anything, while smaller metal filing cabinets are ideal for documents or electronic equipment. Tall metal locker storage cabinets can hold books, clothes and other personal belongings, making them suitable for gyms, schools, libraries, function centres and other shared spaces frequently occupied by large groups of people.

The inside matters too

Obviously knowing the dimensions of the unit is important so you can be sure it will fit in the desired space, but you should also check the interior features carefully. How many levels does it have? Are the shelves fixed or removable? Do you need extra dividers for more organised stationery packing? It goes without saying that any cabinet or locker should come with as many keys as necessary to lock and open all doors, drawers or compartments if you want to keep those items secure. When security is not an issue, consider buying office bookshelves to store books, magazines, manuals, flyers and anything else you and your team might want to access quickly and easily.

Metal storage cabinets sometimes require assembly. It is best to assemble the items on carpeted surfaces to avoid scratching. Some items are available for delivery, however the majority of sellers are looking for a local pickup. See the item specifics to find out more about postage options.