Metal Tables

Metal Tables

Decorating is fun when you can move furniture pieces from one room to another, as is the case with metal tables. The surface of these lightweight tables wipes up easily with a damp cloth, and the furniture itself holds up to beatings and bangs. Likewise, they are available in a range of sizes and styles to fit where nothing else will. Check out the inventory of side, coffee, console and metal dining tables that are sure to become favourite pieces in your home or office.

Side Tables

Metal side tables are just the right size to hold a beverage and lunch plate or serve as a stand to recharge your mobile devices. Youll find retro designs in a half moon shape to fit snugly against the wall or ones constructed by combining woven metal into a circular shape to include a metal or wooden top. Moreover, you may find metal side tables available in a set that you can display as a group or separately.

Coffee Tables

When youve been on your feet all day, metal coffee tables can take the weight and help relieve tired ankles. Available in oval, round and rectangular shapes, they are the perfect furniture for putting together a puzzle, dining while seated on the floor, or stacking favourite magazines. Additionally, some have metal frames with glass, wood veneer or timber tops.

Console Tables

Every hallway begs for a console table to store your keys, newspaper or mobile phone. At just the right height so you dont need to bend over, they are normally long and slender to fit in a narrow room or entranceway. Youll find ones that are counter height to turn into a bar or hold a plant, candle or table lamp. Furthermore, some are made exclusively from metal, but others are a combination of metal and wood or metal and glass.

Dining Tables

Theres an inventory of metal dining tables that seat six or more dinner guests to include metal benches or chairs. For instance, you could consider a Moroccan show piece featuring an ornately moulded metal top and metal beading along the table edges. For convenience, some tables include an extension that pulls out when youre serving more people and tucks away when you only have a few coming for lunch.