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Metaphysical Crystal, Gem and Rock Jewellery

Minerals of every type and description have long featured in jewellery around the world, for an enormous range of purposes. For some, it’s simply the natural beauty of an uncut or polished crystal or gemstone. For others, the attraction lies in their rarity or in the skill you need to make them into fine art. Beyond all of this, however, is the connection many people feel with gems or stones on a spiritual or metaphysical level.


The long association of minerals with faith and magic has led to the development of various traditions and practices that persist even today, in one form or another. Some believe that metaphysical crystal, gem and rock jewellery can assist with intangible wishes or support the purpose of the one who wears it. The crystal pendulum has long been thought to help with finding one’s direction or with mapping energy, while other metaphysical polished stones have other abilities people attribute to them throughout numerous pagan and even some more mainstream religions or spiritual traditions.


With Metaphysical crystals, gems and rocks, people that include them in their beliefs and practices often assign particular powers or auras. For instance, amethyst promotes peace and healing, while rose quartz is symbolic of love, clear quartz of focus, hematite of willpower and so on. These traits vary from one tradition to the next and often from one person to another, but the greatest thing they all have in common is that someone believes in them. That, by itself, has some power.


People place store in talismans of all types: A lucky shirt worn for every sporting event to ensure one’s team wins, for example, or a favourite coin that a gambler keeps close to boost their odds. Whether or not these things have any real metaphysical ability is totally separate from the way they make you feel. It’s not wise to trust one’s medical recovery totally to holistic methods, for instance, but if wearing that special amethyst necklace helps you to centre yourself and give you something to focus on, then there’s little harm in that. In this way, perhaps one can say it truly possesses some bit of healing magic, and the same holds true for any other token that’s important to you.


We use all kinds of devices to ease our way as we move through life, which can often be a difficult journey full of surprises. Whether you surround yourself with metaphysical polished stones because of their loveliness, or get some simple joy out of collecting them, or if you choose to invest some of your personal faith and energy into them to make them something more, there is a bracelet, necklace or ring out there to suit your purpose.

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