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Metaphysical Crystal, Gem and Rock Pendulums

Perfect for all of your healing purposes, metaphysical crystal, gem and rock pendulums are not only useful, but they're beautiful. Made from rocks or stones along with genuine metal, these pieces make a striking statement. Whether you're more attracted to rose quartz for its properties of love or opals for their energy, there's a pendulum that's just right for your specific needs.


Metaphysical crystal gem and rock jewellery varies by design. Since pendulums are generally a crystal attached to a chain, you may think there aren't many options available. However, there are a variety of styles available. Choose a pendulum by its main stone, metal or its accents. Some chains include charms on one end that may provide special meaning to you, such as coloured beads, an angel, a pentacle, an animal or a ball. Some pendulums aren't on a chain at all, but attach to a cord or gemstone chips for a bold, colourful look.


People who use pendulums for divination believe that gemstones have certain meanings, such as jasper for protection or aventurine for healing. Some may just choose a gemstone they find appealing. Pendulums offer a variety of gemstone and crystal options, including jade, emerald, black agate, quartz and lapis lazuli. The large stone typically sits at the end of the pendulum, opposite the charm on the other side of the chain. Generally triangle-shaped, pendulums don't always include traditional gemstones; some offer petrified wood or metal in their place.


Those who engage with pendulums say that sterling silver pendulums hold in positive energy, but some practitioners enjoy the look of certain metals, such as brass, bronze or copper. It's really up to personal preference what type of chain your pendulum has. Some pendulums use a triangular metal piece as the weight instead of a gemstone. This is also an individual choice you can make when purchasing a pendulum depending on your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. There are even beautiful gold pendulums available while some silver options have a large pentacle for a weight instead of a metal piece or a stone or crystal.


New age users enjoy pendulums for their variety of applications. You can use a pendulum for divination, hypnosis and for dowsing. Traditionally in the 1600s, Galileo invented the pendulum to keep time, since its swinging motion comes at precise intervals. So, pendulums come in handy for scientific as well as metaphysical purposes. Use pendulums for healing, Feng Shui or to block out negative energy and balance your body's chakras. You can also use the pendulum for fortune telling, and the direction the pendulum swings determines your answer to a variety of yes or no questions.

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