Metaphysical Crystals, Gems & Rocks

Metaphysical Crystals, Gems and Rocks

Some people believe certain gems or stones have healing properties. It is said that they can soothe and calm by giving off vibrations. You can keep one or more on you or at home as they are believed to alleviate anxiety and stress as well as enhance your creativity and boost energy levels. Moreover, some believe certain crystals have spiritual powers. Many use them to attempt communication with spirits, boost psychic powers and connect with higher realms.

Healing Properties

Many believe that metaphysical crystals, gems and rocks get their healing properties from the vibrations given off by their atoms. Different coloured ones have slightly different healing properties. This is based on the perception of different colours affecting the human mind in noticeably different ways. For example, it is thought that garnet can help boost your love, loyalty and commitment, while gold is said to promote regeneration and attraction. Rose quartz crystals are said to be best for general healing and therefore a very common metaphysical crystal.

Forms of Metaphysical Crystals, Gems and Rocks

Those who believe in the powers of the crystals say that you should keep them at home, at your workplace, or you can carry them on your person at all times. This way, you can feel their benefits all the time. For this reason, they come in a variety of shapes and forms. You can get them as necklace pendants and bracelets so you can wear them everywhere. You can also place crystal clusters around your home or workplace. There are also larger crystal bonsai trees that you can use the same way as crystal clusters.

Bulk Buying Metaphysical Crystals, Gems and Rocks

Buying bulk crystals is a good idea if you are looking to place a whole bunch around your home and workplace. Generally, youll receive a mix of different crystals. With different varieties around you, some believe you can reap a wider range of benefits. However, if you are looking for just one specific type of healing crystal, you can also buy it in bulk and place them in multiple areas.