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The wonder of ancient metaphysical runes

Keep a touch of magic in your pocket. Runes are ancient symbols, denoted in carvings or painting on wood or stone. This ancient tradition is believed to have been used in practices of divination and folk magic, originally by the early Norse communities and Germanic tribes across central Eastern Europe. Tackling the fundamentals of metaphysics, runes have been known to aid healing and spiritual growth all over the world.

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Runes offer a language to help you understand your situations and hone in your decision making for upcoming challenges in your life. Each rune displays a unique symbol, part of an ancient alphabet known as Elder Futhark. This contains 24 runes. From Fehu, symbolising financial strength and abundance to Berkano, relating to fertility, birth, and liberation.

The different alphabetical letters are said to give you insight into your life when you pull them for a reading. Pull one or two runes from your set to give you an insight into what the future holds for you. For example, if you were to pull Kenaz, known as the beacon or torch, it is said to indicate that you are open to new power and passion. If pulled upside down, it is said to indicate instability and exposure.

Tapping into your intuition in this way is said to be of great spiritual power and offer the opportunity to heal.

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From Jasper gemstones to simple wooden pebble-like designs, there is a range of materials available when you shop for your runes. From one of a kind, unique sets, handmade by sellers, to mass-produced runes on semi-precious gems, there is a selection of options to pick from.

Educational books

If you are interested in the background of runes, and how they can help you to answer some of your metaphysical questions, shop for books to expand your divine wisdom.

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