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Metz Camera Flash

For decades the German manufacturer Metz has been supplying camera equipment and accessories essential for any photographer's kit.

Compatible With Major Brands

Metz flash models each come in a number of versions, which are compatible with different brands. They cater  to all the major camera brands including Canon, Sony, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic and Leica. Mounting the flash is simple and only involves a 1-turn lock when putting the flash onto the camera's hot-shoe.

Adjustable Flash Head & Autofocus Assist

An external, adjustable flash produces superior results to flashes integrated into a camera body. Photos taken with adjustable external flashes are softer and more natural, they may not even look as though they have used a flash for the photo. Models such as the 26 AF-2, 26 AF-1 and 24 AF-1 have a 90 degree vertical tilt capacity. Whereas the 36 AF-5, 44 AF-1, 44 AF-2, 52 AF-1, 64 AF-1 and 76 MZ-5 have both horizontal and vertical capabilities of varied angles. All the Metz external flash models have an autofocus assist light which helps ensure the subject is in focus. Combining the Metz autofocus assist with the adjustable flash head allows the flash to illuminate the subject from all angles and produce superior images.

Through The Lens Capabilities

All models of Metz camera Flashes have through the lens capabilities. You will often see this written as “TTL” in product descriptions. When put in TTL the camera and lens work together and use a number of ‘pre-flashes’ to determine what a sufficient amount of illumination will be to take the most optimal picture. This avoids incorrect exposure levels and makes post production that much easier for you.

Diverse Range of Products

The Metz range is suitable for all kinds of photographers. Alongside their vast range of all-rounder system flash units there is also specialist models. The 76 MZ-5 is a powerful lens able to take rapid succession shots and having a secondary reflector. This model is a favourite amongst portrait, wedding and fashion photographers. The 15 MS-1 flash is a unique wireless macro lens with rechargeable batteries.

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