Mickey Thompson tyres for all occasions

If you are looking for a tyre with a performance you can trust, then you won't be looking any further than Mickey Thompson tyres. Thompson was an American auto racing builder, but also had a successful driving career as the first American to break the 400 mph barrier.

The company are still building tyres to win with Thompson's drive to be faster and better. The brand's range of quality and robust tyres are perfect for off-roading or racing, but they have a number of road tyres too.

You might not be stocking up on racing tyres for the next Grand Prix, but you will need something you trust if you are driving off-road or over difficult terrain. The new STZ all-terrain tyres have a new tread pattern enabling improved steering response, grip and traction. If it's just the mud you're worried about then you can try the Deegan 38 tyre, the ultimate all-purpose mud terrain tyre.

If you're in completely the opposite position and need a tyre for very dry weather, then the ET Street Radial tyres, with minimal tread, provide great dry weather traction. For excellent on road and off road performance you need to get your hands on the BAJA MTZ.

All of Mickey Thompson's tyres have unique design elements, with a catalogue of street, drag and truck tyres there isn't any terrain in the world that can't be conquered. There are even the BAJA Pro tyres specially designed for desert and short course racing. Don't worry, you can also buy the wheels that are suitable for whichever tyre you need.

With Brian Deegan, professional freestyle motocross rider and racing driver, working in collaboration with Mickey Thompson Tyres you know you'll receive high-quality tyres that last and are built for purpose. So, if your tyres are looking a bit worse for wear then stock up on some Mickey Thompson tyres.