Micro Machines

Micro Machines are fun for everyone

Over the past four decades, Micro Machines has produced a great collection of toys including a diverse range of playsets and vehicles, meaning many of the Micro Machine sets are considered to be collectibles.

Featuring a whole host of different vehicle types, theres a great choice of Micro Machine toys including plenty of boats, cars, planes trucks, and bikes. From monster trucks through to emergency vehicles and many themed cars, play sets, and track games, you wont be disappointed by the wealth of choice on offer. There is even a number of fictional and futuristic cars and vehicles to choose from.

Micro Machines contemporary diecast cars, trucks, & vans

You will find a great selection of Micro Machines contemporary diecast cars, trucks and vans that are sure to become a welcome addition to your Micro Machines collection.

From the Micro Machines Military Battle Train set through to the "Star Wars" Clone Trooper titanium diecast Micro Machines, youre sure to find a whole host of Micro Machine products that meet your wish list.

Micro Machines vintage diecast cars, trucks & vans

In recent years, there has been a significant demand for vintage toys, including Micro Machines vintage diecast cars, trucks and vans. True collectors might want to find these in their original boxes, but a real fan wont mind them loose.

Theres a huge selection of vintage Micro Machines including shuttle team collections, the boating collection, and mini motor machines. In fact, you will be able to browse Micro Machines made in 1988 right through to those manufactured in 2006. Micro Machines have undergone changes and seen many incarnations over time, so it will take a while to amass the perfect collection.

Micro Machines TV, movie, and video game action figures

Micro Machines is a toy brand that is also famous for producing a fantastic catalogue of TV, movie, and video game action figures. From transformers and robot action figures, through to fantasy Micro Machine toys and military and adventure figures, adding to your Micro Machine toy collection has never been so exciting.