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Got one to sell?

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Gone are the days of cumbersome, old-fashioned microscopes that gave you a limited view of each specimen. Modern digital microscopes use advanced technology to allow you to see cells, animals, and rocks with complete colour, precision, and accuracy. Easy to use and packed with features, medicine and science continues to make advances with high-tech scopes, and so can you.

Zoom In

When it comes to features, digital microscopes aren't lacking. With up to 1000x magnification, unbranded microscopes let you see the most detailed images available. An HD screen gives you access to viewing that you've never had before, and images come to life in full-colour and high-resolution. Using one or two objective lenses, desktop microscopes use built-in LED lights to illuminate the specimen and make it simple to see every aspect.

The Portable Professional

Take science on the go with modern and portable microscopes. Using one objective lens, these lightweight, handheld microscopes go where you go, making them perfect to take to class or even on a camping trip. You simply attach the scope to the stand, and you're ready to go. With the same features as their larger counterparts, portable microscopes work via a USB port on the computer, which makes it easy to stream the images to the screen for simple viewing.

Take a Picture, It Lasts Longer

Contemporary microscopes do what yesterday's models couldn't do, including take a photo of the specimen. Many designs have built-in cameras, which allow you to shoot still images or take video of specimens while you're checking out the details. This is a great way for students to engage in hands-on learning and to discuss what you viewed later using the images you captured. Zoom in on images and take up-close photos, save them to your hard drive, and enjoy the amazing images you capture.

Scientific Supplements

There are plenty of microsoft parts and accessories that ensure a premium viewing experience. You'll need to have plenty of specimen slides on hand to prepare items for viewing under the microscope, as well as stain kits to view living cells. Slide cases keep your prepared slides protected, and a camera mount turns any scope into a digital camera in seconds.

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