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Microsoft Computer Keyboard and Mouse Bundles

As one of the major leaders in the consumer technology industry, Microsoft has been dedicated to making ergonomic computer peripherals through its hardware division. It first began designing keyboards and mice in 1982, and along with hardware drivers, it presently develops computer, gaming and mobile hardware for people to enjoy.


Cheap and reliable, wired Microsoft computer peripherals provide a comfortable entry point for new computer users. Since the devices are constantly tethered to the computer via a USB or PS/2 port, it requires no internal power sources so you never need to worry about batteries. This can be useful when you're in the middle of an online game match where an interruption is the last thing you'd want. Options for wired accessories include the 600 series USB keyboard and mouse combo that features a full numerical pad for easy data entry along with a regular mouse that is easy to grip.


Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse bundles give you convenience and freedom all in one go. Combos like the Sculpt Comfort Desktop bundle feature a unique, super ergonomic keyboard whose elevation slopes upward in the middle, allowing for the most natural posture possible for your wrists. The included right-handed mouse is just right for average-sized hands and features a sleek finish. Moreover, Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard and mouse bundles require no receiver dongles, making it much more convenient to work on the go. Options like the Bluetooth Designer Desktop bundle use an ultra-thin and modern design that goes well in zero-clutter desk setups because of its minimalist charm.

DPI and Tactile Feedback

DPI stands for dots per inch, and refers to the number of pixels you scroll through per inch when you move the mouse. Non-gaming mice come at a standard 800DPI, which moves the cursor 800 pixels for each inch of mouse movement. Higher DPI settings are ideal for gaming because they improve reaction times as long as you're used to the high sensitivity. Tactile feedback is extremely important in choosing a keyboard because it determines how comfortable it will be for long typing sessions. If you want quiet ergonomics, choose accessories like the Surface Ergonomic keyboard, which uses scissor keys to maintain a low-profile but makes each key press distinct, thereby improving your typing speed.

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