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Microsoft DVD Office & Business Software

Microsoft Office and Business Software DVD’s

Microsoft Office and business software has been around for decades and is a group of desktop applications that was developed to make office work, communications and presentations easier to create and publish. It is an easy program suite to learn and use. Many of the applications, people will find everyday uses for and that it helps reduce the time it takes to complete tasks otherwise done by hand or through slower methods.

Types of Microsoft Office software

There are several different applications that coincide with the Microsoft Office suite software. Each application has a different function that aids in the development of business paperwork and presentations. The current software applications include Access, Excel, Onenote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio, Word, OneDrive for Business, and Sway. Some of the standard applications include Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. Word is a program that you can create and print various documents. PowerPoint allows you to create presentations with minimal animation and effects. Excel is a spreadsheet program that allows you to run numbers with formulas and create graphs and charts based on the numbers that are inputted. Outlook is an email software application allowing individuals or businesses to communicate electronically.

Business Software

Other than Microsoft Office there are several options when it comes to office business software. There are word processing programs as well as billing and business invoicing programs. Additionally, there is payroll and database software, asset management software and desktop publishing programs. All of these programs are compatible on PCs or laptops. Some of them may be specific to PC or Mac use. Many however, including the Microsoft Office suite have been developed to be used on any computer. This is helpful for those that use both PCs and Macs. Many of these business software programs help reduce the amount of time it took to perform the various functions they cover. When initially developed, these software applications were a huge advancement in business operations and continue to be seen as an asset for most companies.