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Microsoft Laptop Power Adapters and Chargers

Microsoft Laptop Power Adapters

If you are using a Microsoft laptop or tablet, you need the appropriate power adapter to charge its battery. Many brands on the market that provide chargers for Microsofts popular range of laptops, such as Microsoft Surface chargers, but going with Microsoft branded options may be the most convenient.


You cannot use just any laptop power adapter with your Microsoft laptop or tablet. These products have a proprietary connection cord, so this means that any charger without it cannot charge your device, so be sure to check compatibility.


Different power adapters provide different amounts of watts. Whether this has an impact on the speed of a charge often depends on the laptop or tablet more than the power adapter, as most laptops have a set limit on power to draw upon. However, the power adapter with a larger wattage would last longer, as less power demands had been placed upon it compared to a charger pushed to its capacity.


There are additional products you can use in conjunction with your charger to enhance its versatility. For example, you could purchase an adapter so you can use your Microsoft Surface Pro 3 charger in the car on long, road trips. You could also purchase connection adapters to allow you to use the charger with other laptop and tablet brands.


You may want to take some steps to properly care for your computers battery as well as the power adapter. To help maintain the life of the former, do not leave your adapter plugged into it all the time as this diminishes the overall life of your battery. When your laptop is fully charged, remember to unplug the power adapter from the laptop and the wall socket. Leaving the charger plugged into the wall, even if the computer is off or absent, shortens the power adaptors lifespan. Remember to carefully store and carry your Microsoft AC laptop power adaptor as careless use can lead to the cords or adapter breaking prematurely.

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