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Microsoft Mac Office and Business Software

Microsoft Office is business software developed by Microsoft in 1988. Technically a bundle of related applications, each offering independent business-related capabilities, Microsoft Office in modern times includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Mac Office software runs and operates on computer operating systems developed by Apple.

Microsoft Mac Office and Business Software OS Options

There are many iterations of Microsoft Office Mac software. Generally speaking, each new iteration of the Mac OS requires updates and modifications to the Microsoft Office Windows suite, meaning users must take care to match the version of Microsoft Office to the OS that their computers are running. The most popular iterations include Apple Mac OS 7, Apple Mac OS X 10.0 (also called Cheetah), Apple Mac OS X 10.1 (also called Puma), Apple Mac OS X 10.2 (also called Jaguar) and Apple Mac OS X 10.5 (also called Leopard).

Microsoft Mac Office and Business Software Formats

Users can find Microsoft Mac Office software in many different formats or types for ease of installation and record keeping. These include CD formats, DVD formats, flash card formats, PC card formats and even email formats.

Microsoft Mac Office and Business Software License Types

There are many different kinds of licenses which users and businesses must purchase to use the Microsoft Office suite to its full capabilities. There are educational licenses, for example, which allow individuals to use Microsoft Office for class and educating purposes; business-to-consumer licenses, which allow businesses to use Microsoft Office for consumer-facing projects; non-commercial licenses for personal use and many more.

Microsoft Mac Office and Business Software Programs

Microsoft Office is generally considered the ideal Mac Office business software because the suite includes so many helpful programs. For example, Microsoft Office email software allows for the easy categorising and storing and filing of important email communication. Microsoft Office PowerPoint allows users to easily and swiftly create multimedia presentations. Microsoft Office Word allows users to paperlessly write memos and other documents to share. Microsoft Office Excel performs accounting and mathematical recordkeeping tasks.