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Microsoft Surface Book 2 PC Laptops & Notebooks

Power past ordinary with a Microsoft Surface Book 2

One of the best 2-in-1 PC laptops from one of the biggest names in tech, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is a massively powerful machine with excellent cooling and long battery life. eBay’s inventory of Microsoft electronics can help you get your hands on one of these fantastic devices with just a few clicks or taps.

The Surface Book 2 performs like a high-powered gaming laptop that can deliver high levels of performance, while maintaining the ability to become a tablet by detaching the screen from the keyboard at the press of a button.

Surface Book 2 design

Microsoft didn’t change much from the design of the original Surface Book because when the company released the Surface Book 2. The brushed magnesium chassis is built like a tank, so you won’t notice any bending or flexing here. It’s solid as a rock.

The Surface Book 2 typing experience is phenomenal. The keyboard is brightly backlit and features nice, punchy feedback for a comfortable experience.

Display and surface pen

Microsoft obviously put in a considerable amount of effort when improving the touch response of Surface Book 2’s PixelSense display. Latency is almost non-existent between using the Surface Pen on the display and seeing it appear on screen.

Text looks very sharp on the PixelSense display, as do videos and photos. The Surface Book 2 shows that Microsoft can certainly craft a display that holds its own in basically every metric when put up against the world’s best.

Detaching and reattaching the tablet screen from the base is easy and effortless. Whether it’s changing from tablet mode into laptop or vice versa, it takes less than a second until you’re typing or tapping away again.

Shop the range of Microsoft Surface Book 2 PC laptops and notebooks available on eBay today, and get ready to enjoy a great new machine.