Microsoft Windows 10 Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 10 Operating Systems

You can buy the fastest, most advanced computer hardware in the world but it’s basically useless without operating system software. An essential component of any computer system, the operating system is the underlying software that lets you use all the familiar functions you’re used to in a computer. With a big legacy, the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system is one of the most widely used operating systems on the market right now.

Familiar Design

Microsoft Windows has been a staple of homes and businesses alike for decades. With Windows 10, they have brought back a familiar user-experience so you don’t need to learn everything from scratch. By sticking with and building on a familiar look and feel, there’s no finding your feet; you can simply dive in and use your computer as you’re used to.

Different Devices

One of the hardest things about technology today is switching between different types of devices and figuring out how to do the same thing on each of them. Windows 10, however, works on desktops, PC laptops and notebooks and tablets, so you know what you’re doing no matter which device you’re on. Windows 10 even optimises for different devices to provide you with the most useful setup.

Play Xbox One

Microsoft Windows 10 has a bunch of neat features and functions, but one that will excite gamers is the ability to now play Xbox One on your computer. You no longer need to be seated in front of your TV to enjoy your favourite games and can instead conveniently play them on your laptop or tablet even.

Windows 10 Pro

With Windows 10, there are multiple Windows 10 versions of the software to choose from. While Windows 10 Home is perfect for a personal computer, businesses should look to Windows 10 Pro. Including all the Windows 10 Home features, Windows Pro also comes with some advanced ones of its own. From remote desktop access to all your files to running virtual machines and built-in security, Windows 10 Pro is all about giving your business everything it needs.