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Microsoft Wireless Computer Keyboard and Mouse Bundles

The keyboard and mouse are the two peripherals you interact with most when using a computer. Keyboards and mouses come in a range of sizes and styles to suit different individuals. Some users prefer Microsoft wired computer keyboard and mouse bundles while others prefer to opt for the wireless option. Whether you are looking for an everyday keyboard, gaming keyboard or an ergonomic keyboard there is a wide range of computer keyboard and mouse bundles to suit every purpose.


Most wireless keyboards and mouses connect to your computer through Bluetooth or infrared technology. Some keyboards come with a USB Bluetooth or IR dongle, which connects to a USB port on your computer and acts as the receiver for your keyboard and mouse. Wireless keyboards are great for those that want to reduce clutter on their desk or move around the house, as there are no wires at all. Batteries will need to be replaced every few years.

Ergonomic Design

Keyboard and mouse combos with an ergonomic design are made for users that sit at their computers for extended periods. Ergonomic keyboards usually feature a large palm rest, which helps to prevent wrist strain by providing adequate support and comfort. The layout may also follow a wave pattern rather than the standard straight horizontal layout, which improves typing comfort as your fingers search for the required key. Ergonomic mouses usually feature a curved design which moulds to your hand, providing long term comfort as you surf the Web and work on your projects.


Microsoft has an extensive product range and is a leading name within the IT industry. They are innovative and produce a range of keyboards in different styles and designs to suit every type of computer user. When you purchase a wireless keyboard and mouse from Microsoft, you can be confident that it will work with your Windows PC. You will also benefit from a limited warranty, giving you peace of mind that your keyboard and mouse will last the distance.