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Microsoft Xbox 360 Controllers and Attachments

Microsoft Xbox 360 controllers and attachments are necessary for enhancing your gaming experience. Specialised controllers allow you to immerse yourself in the gaming experience, and they add an element of realism to virtual games. Some controllers and attachments work for a wide variety of games, while others have designs specific to one type of game. No matter what Xbox 360 games you enjoy, you can find controllers or attachments that work for you.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Gamepads

Microsoft Xbox 360 gamepads are the standard type of controllers that typically come with Xbox 360 consoles. There are wired and wireless varieties available, and gamepads work with almost any game. Many of them are even work as Xbox One controllers.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Racing Wheels

Microsoft Xbox 360 video game racing wheels are controllers that bring racing games to life. The majority of these controllers feature two parts. The first part is a steering wheel and the second part resembles the accelerator and brake from a car. This type of controller allows you to steer a virtual car with a high degree of precision. These controllers are popular for games such as Need for Speed and Blur, but they work for nearly any Xbox 360 driving or racing game.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Guitars

Microsoft Xbox 360 video game guitars work with popular games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Their shape is like electric guitars, but unlike real guitars, they feature buttons in place of strings. A video game guitar controller allows you to play along to some of your favourite songs. You can compete against your friends or play collaboratively.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Microphones

Xbox 360 microphones work for games such as Rock Band, and you can also use them for karaoke. As well as amplifying your voice, a microphone controller also analyses your vocal patterns and gives you a score based on how accurately you sing a song. This feature works for collaborative or competitive play.

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