Explore the world of Microsoft

Everyone knows the name Microsoft. This giant tech company has been producing operating systems and software for years along with copious amounts of hardware and accessories. Known for their office package which includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and many others and their Windows operating system, this company has pretty much taken over the world.

The hard they produce tends to be limited to keyboards and mice and other miscellaneous pieces of kit you use every day.

Office and business software

Microsoft is renowned in all corners of the world for its impressive range of office and business software solutions, such as Windows, which sees an upgrade every few years or so.

From antivirus and security software, driver and utility software and education, language and reference software, Microsoft have dabbled in just about everything. Their range of programs allows you to create all manner of documents, from spreadsheets to word docs and glossy presentations.

Tablets and eBook readers

Today, many of us wouldn't even dream of leaving the house without our smartphone, tablet, or eBook reader.

Perfect for business and pleasure, you will find a great choice of Microsoft tablets and eBook readers. Available in a number of different product lines, you will find models such as the Surface Book, the Surface Book Pro, the Surface Pro 3, and the Surface Pro 4.

Allowing you to access your favourite apps, browse the Internet on the move, and embrace a whole host of other impressive features, there are hundreds of Microsoft products to choose from. Windows phones have also been making headway in the smart device market, meaning Microsoft is just about everywhere.