Microwave Cooking Gadgets


Enjoy some quicker, easier meals with microwave cookware

Whether you're a time poor parent who's always rushing around trying to get breakfast, lunch and dinner on the table for your hungry family, somebody who has trouble starting the day off strong with some food before hurrying out the door or just somebody who doesn't fancy themself to be too much of a cook, your microwave can be an absolute lifesaver. But what good is a top-of-the-line standalone or built in microwave if you don't have the proper cookware to get the most out of it? Luckily eBay is here to help you with that, with a range of microwave cookware that can have you whipping up tasty meals and sides in no time. 

From average to eggcelent 

Eggs can be one of the most important building blocks of a nutritious lifestyle. A prime source of protein, eggs can be a fantastic way to fill up without having to reach for fatty snacks that can wreck your waistline.

The right microwave cookware can make it easier for you to add eggs to your own personal menu. Instead of having to worry about cleaning up a pan or leaving the stovetop on, you can just pop your eggs in the microwave, tap a few buttons and soon you'll have breakfast, lunch or a snack ready to eat. Whether you like poached, hard boiled or something in between, microwave cookware for eggs can be a great addition to your kitchen. 

What are the benefits of steaming food?

There are several benefits of steaming food with microwave cookware, including:

  • It's quick. Some foods only take a few minutes to steam, and only require one dish to prepare – your microwave cookware. And clean-up can be just as easy.
  • It's healthy. When you steam food, you don't run the risk of covering it with unnecessary oils and grease. Steaming food can also preserve many of the nutrients within the food, which can be lost through other methods of cooking.
  • It's safer. Instead of having to have the oven or stovetop on, you can keep all your cooking confined to the microwave. This is great for households that have kids running around. 

Revolutionise your meal prep with the help of microwave cookware from eBay.