Microwave parts to power up your microwave oven

Microwave parts are available to replace items that are faulty, and also to enhance your microwave oven cooking experience.

Alternative Types Of Microwave Parts

Replacement glass platter microwave parts are available to fit a variety of microwave oven models and makes including Samsung, Panasonic, Hotpoint and LG. The standard 245mm diameter microwave turntable platter is made from durable high-quality thick glass and has a Y type bottom, a frosted finish centre and thin rim. The easy to install microwave parts provide a stable working performance and are easy to keep clean. An alternative part also available is the 315mm turntable glass platter.

Mica plate sheet microwave parts are typically supplied in 5pc packs. The thick mica plate sheet can be cut to fit and is suitable for use in most microwave oven models.

Microwave oven roller guide rings allow the glass turntable platter to rotate inside the microwave with ease. The replacement microwave parts are made from durable plastic and typically measure 234mm, with a wheel diameter of 15-17mm. The roller guide rings are available singularly, or in 3pc multi size packs.

Microwave crisp plates allow you to cook food with a crispy golden finish in combi microwave ovens. The circular crisp plate has a deep rim to ensure that food stays on the plate when cooking. The versatile crisp plate can be used for cooking pizza, chips, chicken and other foods and require no oil to be added.

Parts To Power Up Your Microwave

Single and 2pc microwave lamp bulbs are available in standard 240V 25w designs for different microwave oven models. The microwave parts are available with angled spade connectors or straight terminals. All microwave lamp bulbs boast a reinforced construction and are vibration proof rated. They also comply with international standards (IEC). Multi pack microwave lamp bulbs in sets of 10pcs are also available.

Ceramic slow blow 250V fuses are practical and functional microwave parts that are designed to replace spent fuses. The replacement fuses should be installed by a qualified electrician.